Services in New Hampshire

Career Planning
With the individual taking the lead, Ascentria provides a well thought out process for developing individual career plans. We support the individual to hold their own career planning meetings, inviting those they feel know them the best, or people that might have something positive to contribute to the plan. The process includes MAPS, from which an individual’s strengths and preferences are highlighted, as well as what works for the individual, what they love, where they spend time, and their unique network of friends and family. From this information, further work is done to identify the specific types of supports that will be needed to make a successful job match from the beginning.
Volunteer Support
Many individuals that we work with are interested in being more involved in their communities, giving of their gifts in areas of meaning to them, and developing relationships. We assist these individuals in exploring and offering of their time and talent to volunteer in activities that make a difference for them and for others.
Paid Employment Support
We find that many individuals and employers are very happy to provide employment to individuals with disabilities with the paid support professionals that we provide. Support is utilized to obtain employment, learn and maintain job skills, and develop relationships. We maintain assessments of the individual’s job skills, and work with employers to maintain quality within the employment setting.
Naturally Supported Employment
Many individuals are capable of working within the natural parameters of a job situation. By providing consultation to the employer on the individuals learning style and by providing the employee with the tools that they need to be successful, the individual is trained and supervised by the employer, as any of us would be on the job.
Enhanced Family Care
We feel that it is important to provide choices to individuals on where and with whom they live. By making the best match from the beginning, we find that the individuals that we serve flourish in a supportive and healthy living environment. Our residential situations are provided with on-going training, support and supervision. We provide on-call emergency services 24 hours a day, and provide support and advocacy for personal goal attainment and all ancillary services.
Companion Support
Designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to rent or own their own homes, companion employees live with the individual receiving services. Working with other agencies within the state, Ascentria assists in procuring homes for individuals, and provides on-going training, support and supervision as is expected in all residential situations. We also include the same on-call emergency services 24 hours a day, and provide support and advocacy for all personal goal attainment and ancillary services.
Whole Life Services
Ascentria provides whole life services based on individual needs. Our goal is not to fit individuals into a specific “model” of services, but to design a service to best meet the needs of the individual. Sometimes individual’s personal needs and interests require flexibility and creative support designs. By working with each individual to create a design of service that incorporates their “whole life,” we provide customized support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High School to Community Based Supports
Working in collaboration with individuals, professionals and the area school districts, Ascentria provides supports within the school and community to assist individuals in a smooth transition from high school. We work with each individual’s team to develop, implement and meet each person’s individual goals. We find that, with support, this is a very exciting time for young adults, as they transition from the life of school to the adult community.
Vocational - We offer career planning, resume development, internships, supported employment, naturally supported employment and volunteer options. All are based on the individual’s strengths and interests.
Educational - Tutoring and support to attend classes at area learning institutions.
Residential - Simulated dormitory style living under the supervision of a Dormitory Director, Companion Roommates, and Enhanced Family Care situations.
Safety Training - Many individuals transitioning from school to work or college require continued education around personal and community safety. Through pre-teaching, role-playing, networking, and teaching in natural settings, our professional staff help to prepare you for situations you might encounter when on your own.
Transportation - While we offer support in learning to use local public transportation, we also provide support for securing alternatives.
Health - Ascentria professional support staff will assist you in accessing health care through your regular doctors, as well as provide you with support to administer doctor ordered medications, diets and other prescribed treatments.
Social - Depending on your interests, we offer you support to get and stay involved within your community.
Recreation/Leisure - New Hampshire offers an array of opportunity for recreational and leisure activities within the community. Through networking and keeping abreast of what is available within the community we are able to offer choice to individuals, based on their particular interests. Within the home, we also offer an array of activities and support to maintain and expand on ones interests and skills.

By matching tutors who specialize in the needs of students, we assist them to increase their competence in the chosen subject areas. Hours are flexible, based on individual needs, and supports are creative to accommodate each individuals learning style.

Community Based Support
Our citizens of today, and tomorrow are our future. We support these citizens to be as fully involved in community life as they choose to be, through membership in civic organizations, political groups, as consumers of community services, and as a participant in community based activities. We provide training and support to increase independence in the community as it relates to transportation, safety, consumer services, work, learning and social interactions. The opportunities for individual’s are limited only by their interests and the availability of those activities.


Can you donate one of the items on our list?

  • Special Event Tickets
  • Hybrid Cars
  • Wheelchair Vans
  • Computers
  • Projector
  • Boating opportunities

We also appreciate your donation of time and are looking for volunteers to assist in the following ways:

  • Reading, writing or computer tutor 1-2 hours per week
  • Companionship for leisure activities such as, playing cards, wood working, or attending events in the community
  • Someone who is willing to share their home for a weekday lunch
  • Someone who is willing to share their home to teach meal preparation