FAQs About Our Name Change

Ascentria Care Alliance Logo
  1. Why did  Lutheran Social Services of New England change its name?
    Changing the LSS name was a vital component of our new corporate strategy. The Ascentria name will help us open doors for new partnerships and expand our funding opportunities with foundations, corporate sponsors and donors, in support of our new human-centered model of care.

  2. How will this name change impact our Lutheran heritage?
    We are a faith-based organization and will continue to honor our Lutheran heritage, the cornerstone of Lutheran Social Services, as we move forward. We’re putting our faith in action, embracing the future and rising together with people of all beliefs, to help one another realize new possibilities.

  3. What is Ascentria Care Alliance?
    Ascentria Care Alliance is the new name of our parent organization, replacing Lutheran Social Services of New England, Inc. Ascentria Care Alliance represents our family of brands – the programs, services and partnerships that together comprise the holistic, human-centered care we provide to our clients.

    The corporate office will change its name to Ascentria Care Alliance. Our business entity, Lutheran Community Services will change to Ascentria Community Services, and the programs within LCS will see their name change to Ascentria (e.g., Ascentria In-Home Care, etc.).

    The names of our residential facilities will not change. They will be identified as a member of Ascentria Care Alliance. The names of individual programs with established brand equity such as Good News Garage, Language Bank will not change. They will be identified as programs of Ascentria Care Alliance.

  4. How was the new name chosen?
    After months of research and internal review, Ascentria Care Alliance was chosen from a list of more than 300 proposed names, many of them provided by our staff. Ascentria Care Alliance met the key criteria we set for selecting our new brand identity, including:
    • The name/logo is visionary and inspirational, conveying a sense of "rising together" - the core premise of our work
    • It is unique and can be easily trademarked
    • It embodies both the human service and business aspects of our work
    • It can easily represent our parent brand (Ascentria Care Alliance), our business entity (Ascentria Community Services), our sub-brands (e.g., Ascentria In-Home Care) and our new client centers (Ascentria of Worcester, Ascentria of Concord, etc.)
    • It opens the door for future organizational growth (new partnerships, funding, services)

  5. What does the name “Ascentria” mean?
    “Ascentria” can be described from both a secular ("rising together") and faith-based ("ascension/trinity") perspective, connecting with our mission and honoring our  Christian heritage.

  6. When was the name officially change to Ascentria Care Alliance?
    Our new name legally changed on September 1, 2014.

  7. How does our name change to Ascentria Care Alliance impact our relations with our key constituents (Clients, volunteers, donors, churches, vendors, community partners, corporate partners/sponsors, foundations, etc.)?
    Our current relationships will not change. The Ascentria Care Alliance name will help us to open doors and expand opportunities with new constituents.

  8. Who can I contact for more information, questions or concerns?
    Please feel free to contact Jodie Justofin, vice president of strategic marketing and communications at jjustofin@ascentria.org for more information.