Aramark Volunteers Making a Difference

October 29, 2019 Ascentria Care Alliance
Volunteers from the Aramark Building Community (ABC) program came together to assemble backpacks and school supplies, and bean soup packages for Ascentria’s clients.
Senior staff from four Ascentria programs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine expressed their gratitude on behalf of Ascentria’s clients. 
Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program, Massachusetts
“Most of our youth are very academic-focused and loved receiving fresh school supplies. Similarly, our older youth who are learning to live on their own and cook for themselves were excited to cook the bean soup and serve with rice! We are so grateful for your generous contributions”   – Ailish Donovan, Senior Manager
Ruth House, Teen Parenting Program, Massachusetts
“The girls in our program are so thankful for the school supply kits and meal kits. The school supplies will be used by all of our young women in college and in high school. Our young women are on a tight budget and sometimes do not have the funds to purchase notebooks, pens, papers etc. This will ensure they can use these supplies for school throughout the year without worrying about this expense on an already tight budget. As for the soup, we are going to do a family night and show the girls how to make the soup so that in the future when they move out it is another meal they can make. We are so thankful for the partnership and kits that you supplied to our young women. These items will help in so many ways.” – Jennifer Crivellaro, Manager
Services for New Americans, New Hampshire
“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of all of the school supplies received.  This donation will not only offer much needed resources to newly-arrived refugees, but will also help us provide supplies to families who were resettled previously, but still need some assistance.  Sending a big thank you to Aramark and its volunteers for supporting our program and clients in this way”. - Kathy Kitchell, Education Liaison and Amy Marchildon, Director