Ascentria Care Alliance Opposes Trump Administration Slashing Refugee Admissions

September 19, 2018 Ascentria Care Alliance
WORCESTER – Ascentria Care Alliance, one of New England’s largest nonprofits, joined the growing number of organizations opposing the Trump administration’s proposal to slash FY 2019’s refugee admissions goal to 30,000, a 33% cut from this year.
“We urge our supporters to contact their elected representatives and ask them to protect the refugee resettlement program,” said Angela Bovill, Ascentria President and CEO.
“Refugees flee violence and persecution, and America must not look the other way.
As one of New England’s oldest nonprofit organizations, our mission has been to serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, including New Americans. In that spirit, we will be urging Congress to act for humanity – specifically, to press the administration to amend its goal and resettle at least 75,000 refugees, and to stop trying to dismantle the resettlement program that has worked so successfully.
One of Ascentria’s many programs is our Services for New Americans, through which we help resettle refugees and immigrants. We know firsthand that resettlement agencies have the capacity to do more. For example, in 2018, in Massachusetts we resettled 155 refugees, which is 63% of the projected number, and only 26% of our capacity. In New Hampshire, we are projected to end the year with 74 refugees, which is 44% of our original projected arrivals, and only 30% of our annual average capacity.
Communities all around the country would welcome at least the 75,000 refugees that we and others are proposing as the amended admissions goal. Those who know refugees appreciate that they are hard-working, and become great neighbors and friends.
America has long been an important, historic refuge for those seeking to rebuild their lives. We want the US to continue to be a beacon of hope for people all over the world.”