2 Decades of Giving a Lift to those in Need

February 14, 2018 Bennington Banner
Katlyn Farland stands in front of her new 2006 Subaru with her husband, Gerry, and 8-month-old daughter, Sofia, in front of their Bennington home. Farland received the Subaru from the Good News Garage, which makes car ownership possible for people who cannot afford to acquire a vehicle on their own.

"BENNINGTON — Katlyn Farland couldn't be happier with her new Subaru Outback. 'I love it, I absolutely love it,' she said. 'I love the way it drives - it's very smooth. And it's easy to get in and out of.' There's plenty of room in the back for her daughter Sofia's stroller, too.

Up until recently, getting around had been a challenge for Farland and her husband, Gerry. Their home on South Stream Road is a three-mile walk from the nearest bus stop, which meant relying on friends and relatives to run errands and get Gerry Farland to his job at the Bennington Health and Rehabilitation Center. Buying a car just wasn't in the budget.

That's when the Good News Garage stepped in.

The Good News Garage, based in Burlington, is a non-profit organization that provides reliable and affordable transportation to people in need. The blue 2006 Outback station wagon that the Farlands received is one of 4,600 vehicles the agency has awarded in 20-plus years of operation. Though most of those vehicles bear the green-and-white license plates of Vermont, the non-profit, a member of Ascentria Care Alliance, also operates programs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

'There's a lot of talk about workforce development throughout New England,' said Bob Buckley, the director of operations for the Good News Garage, 'but nobody's talking about transportation. When they talk about workforce development, I have not seen that.'


Photo and caption courtesy of Bennington Banner. Read the full story here.