Cape Welcomes Refugees for a Weekend Vacation

August 11, 2017 The Cape Codder
"To the nearly 400-year-old story of Cape Cod as a place for refuge, a new chapter is being written.
Along with the New Yorkers and Vermonters and Texans who will be heading to the Cape this weekend, there will be a couple of cars containing actual refugees, as in people from war-torn nations such as Syria and Iraq, now relocated to Worcester and driving down for the weekend as any other tourists.
A small group was here in July, and this weekend five families and two individuals, for a total of 18 people, are visiting. They are refugees from Liberia, Iraq and Somalia, and will stay with host families for a few days of sightseeing, meal-sharing and just plain old interacting.
All this is being put together by the Nauset Interfaith Association, a group representing 20 Lower/Outer Cape congregations, in concert with an interfaith group from Worcester and a leading refugee placement agency, Ascentria Care Alliance."

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