The Proven Value Of Workers Over 50

February 8, 2019 Corita Brown, Next Avenue Contributor, Forbes

“People are always asking me, ‘Why do you hire people over 60 to be on your team?’” says Angela Bovill, CEO of Ascentria Care Alliance, a New England-based organization that provides wraparound services for vulnerable children and families. She has a ready answer.

Having older people on staff creates a calming force for an organization,” says Bovill. “There is less panic. They have seen a lot and are less jittery, less anxious than they may have been earlier in their career.”

A recent survey offers compelling proof of the value of hiring, and having, older workers. What’s more, the survey data from the Second Acts for Strong Communities Initiative suggests that intentionally including older adults as part of the workforce can change the attitudes of organizational staff and leadership about that value older people bring.

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