Tis the Season to Celebrate and Anticipate!

December 24, 2019 Ascentria Care Alliance
Dear Ascentria community,
Tis the season to celebrate and anticipate!
At Ascentria, we love this time of year! We celebrate the accomplishments of our clients, and give our heartfelt thanks to you, our community of donors, volunteers, and partners. We thank you for investing in our work to help people struggling in transition reach beyond life’s challenges and thrive.
We couldn’t empower those in need without you! We’re fortunate and humbled by your generosity, and inspired by those who come to us from a place of poverty and dependence and are now moving toward self-sufficiency and independence.
This season is also the time to look forward with anticipation to the coming year. As we begin a new decade, our vision for 2020 is clear, far-reaching and achievable. Working together, we will help empower thousands of people throughout New England to achieve their full potential regardless of background or disadvantage.
Let’s appreciate what we have already accomplished together: We have new, innovative ways to address our clients’ holistic needs – in education, transportation, language services, transitional housing, and workforce development. And we are expanding services to help more people move from dependence to independence.
Your support has been crucial! Because donors, partners, and volunteers invest in the future of our work, we continue to improve how services are delivered. For example…
Ascentria is partnering with Quinsigamond Community College to train workers for jobs in healthcare and social assistance. Supported by a grant from the first-ever round of Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants, we will focus on training that assists unemployed or underemployed people to fill in-demand jobs. And it will help entry-level workers advance at their current employer.
We are expanding our Ready To Go ride service. Operated by our Good News Garage program, this shuttle service provides people in need with rides to work, school, child care, medical appointments and other critical activities. And it employs people as drivers and driver aides. More than 30,000 riders use the service annually in Vermont and Central Massachusetts.
These are just two of the many advances we are making for our clients. So, yes, your support is vital. You help fund great work in our Mental Health and Disability Services, Teen Parenting, Foster Care, In-Home Care, Good News Garage, Immigration Legal Assistance, Language Bank, Services for New Americans, Unaccompanied Refugee Minors, and Elder Services.
During the holidays we appreciate something expressed by the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott: “Families are the most beautiful things in all the world.”
Thank you for helping make the world a more beautiful place for countless families.
And in that spirit, thank you for being part of the Ascentria family.
On behalf of our engaged and dedicated staff, we wish you and yours a wondrous Christmas and a new decade filled with hope and happiness.
Gratefully yours,
Angela Bovill
Ascentria President and CEO
William Mayo
Ascentria Board Chair