Volunteer Spotlight - Megan Wanek

September 26, 2013 Volunteer Stories
To learn more about Megan’s volunteer experience at Good News Garage in New Hampshire we asked her a few questions.
Why did you choose LSS for your summer volunteer experience? “I wanted to help a non-profit organization that was really making a positive and practical difference in people’s lives, since I hope to eventually work for an organization like this after I graduate. I had heard good things about LSS (now Ascentria Care Alliance) and decided to look at the volunteer positions available. Good News Garage (GNG) offered a volunteer position assisting the marketing manager. As a business major, I am interested in the fields of public relations and Marketing and wanted to get some experience and observation in these areas.”
What sorts of projects have you been working on? “I have worked on many different marketing projects for GNG, such as developing and mailing letters and advertising materials, organizing around the office, and helping manage GNG Facebook. I have also helped out at the GNG booth during some car shows.”
What impact has this experience had on you? “I have been inspired by the dedication and skill of the GNG staff that I observe whenever I am in the office. They use their individual talents and work well as a team to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for both GNG clients and car donors. I have also gained invaluable experience from both the projects I have been working on and by observing how the LSS marketing team functions and what kind of skills and duties their jobs require. Finally, I have become more interested in cars and their makes and models than I ever thought I would!”
When Susan Swain, LSS GNG marketing manager was asked what she would like to say about working with Megan she responded, "Having Megan volunteer with Good News Garage this summer was a blessing.  She brought new ideas, creativity and an abundance of energy to our marketing program. I know wherever life takes her, she will be successful."