Volunteer Spotlight - Rachel Sanborn

September 27, 2013 Volunteer Stories
Rachel Sanborn, currently majoring in sociology at St. Michael’s College, came to us this summer to explore the area of refugee resettlement. Prior to this, she was involved in Extended Service trips around the United States, such as volunteering at “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary” in Utah. Further, she is a mentor for two middle school girls at risk for not graduating high school. “I just want to make a positive impact,” Rachel said with a smile. And that is what she has accomplished this summer.

This young woman’s positive and willing spirit affected many new Americans in just a couple months. Whether she was grocery shopping with them, moving them into their new home, taking them to health appointments, or serving immediate needs as they arose, they will never forget her genuine care that made their transition that much easier.

Working with refugees “gives you a different perspective. I didn’t know what it took to be a refugee and everything they go through- and that doesn’t end once they arrive state side. There’s a lot of work, but with many hands, it’s lighter!” Rachel said.

We are so grateful Rachel took an anthropology class. We are so grateful her professor showed the video, “Lost Boys of Sudan,” which highlighted LSS’s (now Ascentria care Alliance) role in resettling refugees from Sudan. We are so grateful Rachel decided to volunteer her capable and loving hands to offer love, hope, and friendship to refugees in New Hampshire! You are amazing and we look forward to seeing the positive impact your hands and heart will make in the future.