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Massachusetts to Continue Accepting Refugees Following Executive Order, Governor Says

The Trump administration’s new executive order not only caps refugee admissions nationwide at 18,000 for the next fiscal year, it also puts the onus on municipalities and states across the country to give written consent to allow refugees resettle into their communities.

Massachusetts is poised to offer that written consent, according to Gov. Charlie Baker’s office.

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Volunteer Spotlight - Herlis Montalvan

Volunteer Stories - April 4, 2014

With a smile on his face and a self-assured presence, LSS (now Ascentria Care Alliance) volunteer tutor Herlis Montalvan commented, “Volunteering helps me and it helps the students. We’re both learning at the same time and volunteering has helped me to mature and heal”.  Read more

Volunteer Spotlight - Rachel Sanborn

Volunteer Stories - September 27, 2013

Rachel Sanborn, currently majoring in sociology at St. Michael’s College, came to us this summer to explore the area of refugee resettlement. Prior to this, she was involved in Extended Service trips around the United States, such as volunteering at “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary” in Utah. Further, she is a mentor for two middle school girls at risk for not graduating high school. “I just want to make a positive impact,” Rachel said with a smile. And that is what she has accomplished this summer. Read more

Volunteer Spotlight - Megan Wanek

Volunteer Stories - September 26, 2013

“I wanted to help a non-profit organization that was really making a positive and practical difference in people’s lives, since I hope to eventually work for an organization like this after I graduate. I had heard good things about LSS (now Ascentria Care Alliance) and decided to look at the volunteer positions available. Good News Garage (GNG) offered a volunteer position assisting the marketing manager. As a business major, I am interested in the fields of public relations and Marketing and wanted to get some experience and observation in these areas.”  Read more

Canine Volunteer Loves to Work with LSS

Volunteer Stories - July 2, 2013

Gracie, a small white poodle with expressive brown eyes was trained and certified as a service dog in February 2010.  Her area of expertise was to serve as a therapy dog in hospital and nursing home settings.  Sister Carol Weaver was serving as a parish deaconess at a Lutheran church in Rhode Island when Gracie was certified, but it wasn’t long before the duo accepted a call to serve LSS (now Ascentria care Alliance) in church relations in April 2010.  Read more

Intern Spotlight: Anne Marie Peloquin

Volunteer Stories - May 1, 2013

Before Anne Marie bustled out the door to bring a refugee family to the WIC office, we were able to sit down and chat about her time interning with LSS, Services for New Americans (now Ascentria Care Alliance). Its amazing Anne Marie has been with us as much as she has, given that she is taking a 24 credit hour course load, is part of the French Club, Student of Social Work Club, and is a mentor at the Aspiring Hands UNH Somersworth Youth Safe Haven after-school program. Anne Marie is in her final semester at UNH Durham where she is finishing her dual major in Social Work and French. Read more

Intern Spotlight: Chayanna Acevedo

Volunteer Stories - April 26, 2013

Chayanna Acevedo landed in the halls of UNH Durham as a nursing major, but observation hours at a local hospital caused her to reconsider. “I wanted to help people for the long term and be more closely involved to address the root issues not just provide the short term fixes,” she contemplated. It was during her time at the hospital that one professional group stuck out-- the social workers. She noticed they were doing exactly what she was after. Read more

Intern Spotlight: Courtney Perron

Volunteer Stories - April 26, 2013

What’s the one special day that is unique to you? When it seems the whole world pauses to celebrate you, or at least that’s how it seems when you’re showered with gifts, hugs, extra big smiles, your phone is blowing up with well-wishes, and your Facebook wall is at its fullest capacity- it’s your birthday! But what if you didn’t know when your birthday was and how old you were? For the many Haitian orphans Courtney Perron met during her time in their country, this was the case. Read more

Community Volunteer: Leslie van Berkum

Volunteer Stories - April 26, 2013

Leslie van Berkum, having paused her teaching career to focus on her business, missed the daily interaction with people who needed her help. She started volunteering to mentor a refugee family through Lutheran Social Services (now Ascentria care Alliance) and ease their transition by providing extra support on a weekly basis. Leslie recalled “I’ve always admired the work of LSS. My kids played sports all throughout high school with refugee kids and they would constantly talk about how LSS helped them to integrate into their community.”  Read more

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