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With low wages and few workers, NH home care system has ‘gone off the cliff'

Borja Alvarez de Toledo says the home care workers he employs "perform miracles," when they do the dressing, bathing and light housework that allows elderly adults, who are eligible for nursing home care, to continue to seek personal care services at home.

And yet, these workers are paid $13.50 an hour and are never eligible for benefits, said Alvarez de Toledo, CEO of Waypoint, a nonprofit agency that provides different social services throughout New Hampshire. The low wages and lack of benefits make it extremely difficult to find employees willing to provide this essential service.

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Our Turn: Let's Welcome All Refugees

Concord Monitor - Jeff Kinney and Jeff Thielman - August 26, 2021

There has been a groundswell of community support throughout New England to evacuate Afghan refugees and those granted Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) protection following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

We’re heartened by this support as we all see this tragedy playing out in real-time. Who among us didn’t feel the Afghans’ pain as we watched them clinging to the U.S. military transport plane trying to take off from Kabul Airport? We must take whatever action is needed to safely evacuate these people as quickly as possible. Ascentria Care Alliance and International Institute of New England (IINE) stand ready to assist in the effort as best we can.

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Low wages for caregivers leave disabled Granite Staters without care

By TEDDY ROSENBLUTH Monitor staff - July 31, 2021

For 16 years, seven days a week, six hours a day, Tracey Cintron worked as a caregiver for Jim Piet.
   Piet has lived with cerebral palsy since birth when his umbilical cord coiled around his neck, leaving him unable to walk and his arms stiffly folded into his chest. Read more

Ziegler Closes $85,535,000 Financing For Ascentria Care Alliance

WFMZ - July 19, 2021

CHICAGO, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ziegler, a specialty investment bank, is pleased to announce the successful closing of Ascentria Care Alliance's Series 2021 Bonds.

Ascentria Care Alliance, Inc. (Ascentria) is a Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3) operating over 30 faith-based human service programs throughout New England. Dating back nearly 150 years, Ascentria provides services to a broad range of individuals, including older adults, adults with disabilities and mental illness, children and families at risk, refugees and immigrants and low‐income individuals who need affordable housing or transportation. As one of the largest human service organizations in New England, Ascentria empowers people of all backgrounds to rise together and reach beyond life's challenges.

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Growing, Learning, Living Well - it’s a SNAP!

Ascentria Care Alliance - July 14, 2021

Your Support Grows Vegetables and Brings Healthy Eating to the Community

Ascentria’s SNAP-Education Nutrition Program (SNAP-Ed) was established in 2013, to help members of the local community in Hampden County, MA make healthy, nutritious food choices and lead physically active lifestyles.

Given the expressed interest in gardening, 2 years ago, in partnership with 3 West Springfield Public Schools and community stakeholders, we piloted a school garden program and built school gardens for each site. We have since installed 18 raised beds at each of our school partner sites. Read more

My Turn: New Hampshire is neglecting its most vulnerable citizens

The Concord Monitor - May 18, 2021

Two years ago my friend Paul Scott and I wrote an op-ed urging our legislators to invest in the Choices for Independence (CFI) waiver. Paul was one of thousands of medically vulnerable people in New Hampshire, ages 18 to over 100, who qualify for nursing homes but choose to remain in their own homes.

Paul suffered a catastrophic injury many years ago and it was through the CFI waiver that he was able to remain at home. Despite our plea, CFI is currently failing people like Paul.

Home and community-based care cost a fraction of what a nursing home does. Unfortunately, these programs have been underfunded for over a decade, so badly that New Hampshire ranks 50th in the amount of Medicaid funding it spends on home and community-based care.

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Ascentria's Forsberg staff are ‘a beacon of light’ for clients

The Provider - May 1, 2021

How does a small staff of nine help guide over 80 individuals with developmental disabilitiesthrough a year of the pandemic? They do so through dedication, patience, bravery and ingenuity. Read more

A Verdict is Reached

Ascentria Care Alliance - April 22, 2021

After George Floyd’s murder, a symbolic line was drawn in the sand and we were expected to choose a side. Stand on the side that turns a blind eye to the actions of racist police officers against Black people or, in the name of justice and humanity, stand with Black people who are far too often targeted by and victims of racist police practices.

We knew there was but one side. Our values at Ascentria – courage, compassion, and integrity - guide that choice. Read more

Ascentria's 2020 Annual Report

Ascentria Care Alliance - April 21, 2021

Overcoming Challenges Together.

As we reflect back on this past year, it cannot be denied that it was extremely emotional in so many ways. We were, and still are, a nation coping with a pandemic, struggling with racial inequity, and dealing with political divisiveness. 

We’ve felt fear, despair, and uncertainty. But we are also starting to see new possibilities. Possibilities in new conversations, new commitment to change, and not just “returning to normal” but building a new, more equitable, more compassionate, more sustainable future. 

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