Ascentria Care AllianceSM Programs

Children and Family Services

Ascentria offers a continuum of community-based programs for families, children and teens at risk that provide safe residential environments and services that build and support strong and nurturing families. We believe that all children deserve a permanent, secure and loving home. To that end, we serve children and families through an array of supportive, therapeutic and educational services that help them through difficult life transitions, for the purpose of providing safety and nurture, opportunities for healthy personal and social development, and resources that will serve them for the rest of their lives.
  • Adoption - Ascentria Adoption Services is a full-service, licensed nonprofit adoption agency serving children and families since 1872 offering adoption placement and adoption counseling. When you choose Ascentria as your adoption agency, we will accompany you every step of the way.
  • Foster Care – Ascentria Foster Care programs place children in need into foster families. Our foster families receive an array of support when they make the important decision to foster a child covering financial assistance, training, emotional counseling and support services for foster families. We provide training in the nature of how to be a foster parent. Specifically we ensure that foster families receive counseling in the field of developing, strengthening and sustaining well-balanced families and family relationships. We also provide both in-person and online social networking by facilitating meetings and activities between various foster care families to discuss fostering experiences and share fostering advice. We understand that becoming a foster family is a significant time commitment and provide respite care services by arranging for temporary care of foster children so foster parents have time off from their duties to the foster children.
  • Teen Parenting - Ascentria’s Teen Parenting Program serves disadvantaged, low-income, homeless teenage mothers living in unsafe situations or substandard housing. Teen parents find mentoring, general parenting and life skills training, and temporary transitional living accommodations (27) within two Ascentria programs.
  • Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program (URM) – Ascentria’s URM program is the only specialized foster care program in New England that places unaccompanied refugee children with specially trained foster families. For the foster children, we provide cultural support, namely, assistance with communication and understanding of cultural differences between foster family and unaccompanied refugee minor foster children, and providing guidance as to what constitutes appropriate language, behavior and actions in daily living situations to help unaccompanied refugee minor foster children assimilate into American society.
Good News Garage

Good News Garage (GNG) was one of the first nonprofit social enterprise car donation programs in the U.S. Our mission is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options to low-income individuals and families. Since our founding in Burlington, Vermont in 1996, Good News Garage has provided over 5,000 New England families with donated vehicles, empowering clients to move out of poverty and into financial independence and social stability.

Through our Wheels to Work program, GNG is able to help individuals and families in need of reliable transportation by collecting, repairing and reconditioning donated used automobiles which are then awarded to qualified New England neighbors. Vehicles that are too old, can’t pass inspection, or would have high maintenance costs are resold at auction and the proceeds are used to help repair other vehicles.

Our Ready to Go program provides scheduled transportation services in primarily rural locations for individuals without a car to access essential life activities, including jobs, training, healthcare, education and childcare.

If you have an unused or old vehicle, please consider passing your keys to a family in need. Learn more about the donation process.

Services for New Americans

At Ascentria Care Alliance, we believe welcoming refugees and immigrants reaffirms our American values. We offer a continuum of community-based programs for refugees and immigrants in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that aim to help new Americans achieve independence and stability.

Our case managers provide coordination support related to housing, legal needs, education, and employment. We also ensure that physical, social, personal care needs are met and coordinate referrals to healthcare providers for medical and psychological services for immigrants and refugees.

The legal support needed by our clients can be quite significant. Ascentria’s Immigration Legal Assistance Program provides free and low-cost legal services comprised of customized information, counseling, advice and litigation services to immigrants. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals offers multi-cultural and multi-lingual representation that covers all areas of immigration law from undocumented to U.S. citizenship.

We represent clients who are survivors of human trafficking and the commercial sex industry.

In-Home Care

As a trusted nonprofit serving families since 2003, we are dedicated to customized assistance that enriches lives and helps maintain greater independence and safety.

In-Home Care is a licensed Home Health Care agency that offers comprehensive, non-medical in-home personal care services to assist seniors, or those with a disability with daily living activities. Our geriatric care management services cover providing non-medical necessary services and personal care for older individuals, and coordinating referrals to healthcare providers for medical and clinical geriatric care management services.

Mental Health and Disabilities Programs

Ascentria Mental Health and Disability Services comprise a wide variety of programs that enable persons who have physical or cognitive disabilities or impairments to become and remain successful contributors to the communities in which they live and work.
We provide case management in order to coordinate housing, education, employment, physical, social, personal care and coordinate referrals to healthcare providers for mental health screening, and psychological counseling and therapy to disabled individuals.

It is important to the mental health of our clients that they can explore and enjoy the community in which they live. We provide training with regard to use of local public transportation and how to secure alternative transportation to attend classes at area learning institutions. Additionally, we supervise field trips to museums, parks and sporting events.
Language Bank

We offer interpretation and translation services in over 60 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL) and serve the medical, legal, education and business fields.
Language Bank is a member of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), the oldest and largest medical interpreter association in the country.

Educational services, comprised of training and certification classes in the field of medical and legal interpretation and translation, are provided to bi-lingual individuals interested in joining our team.

If you are interested in learning more about Language Bank services contact us.
Career Counseling

Many of the clients we serve benefit from support related to career planning. We provide employment counseling services for those living in poverty to prepare for, obtain, maintain and advance their employment opportunities. We also offer resume writing and preparation services, as well as providing vocational guidance services to students, refugees, disabled individuals, and teen mothers seeking employment.

Additionally, we provide volunteer options for disabled individuals through coordination with third party providers.

You can support Ascentria Care Alliance and the work that we do:

Our Development Office accepts and administers monetary charitable contributions to help support the organization's programs and services. Without generous donors, we would not be able to effectively meet the needs of the many clients we serve. Additionally, this office organizes and conducts volunteer programs and community service projects in support of our mission.

If you would like to support Ascentria work, please consider a monetary donation or donation of your time and talents as a participant in our volunteer programs and community service projects such as the Second Acts for Strong Communities project and volunteer program to mentor refugee youth.