A Message From Our CEO

These are extraordinary times.  Our nation is faced with managing the ever-changing impact of the coronavirus pandemic. As an organization, we see these challenges playing out in front of us every day.  We recognize the enormous burden that many are carrying, including issues related to unemployment, loneliness, physical health and stress from uncertainty.  We lift up our employees, clients, families, friends, donors and community partners and pray that each are given the strength and support they need to get through this.

As a human services provider, our mission is to be there for those who need us, especially now. However, while the uncertainty created by this pandemic continues to grow, there is one thing that is painfully certain – this crisis will impact the ability of nonprofits to provide the critical services on which vulnerable individuals and families rely.  Arguably, our work has never been more important.  Those who rely on us often don’t have a choice – or a voice.  It is our job to make sure they get what they need, especially in times such as this.  But it is not easy.

We are in a dark time.  A time where it is hard to figure out how we got here – and how we will come through.  But I believe that we will – and that somewhere in this darkness, there is a glimmer of light called hope that leads us to a much better world than the one we were before this happened.  If you look, you can see evidence of that hope and goodness all around - but most especially in those heroes who are doing the work right now.

Sometimes heroes don’t wear red capes or have a letter "S” emblazoned on their chest.  They don’t get all of the glory and the headlines – they just quietly show up and do the work every day.  The work of caring for the ‘least of these’ is our primary mission.  Our heroes are here 365 days a year with no fanfare – just silently and steadily doing the unglamorous work of making sure that everyone gets the care and dignity that they need and deserve.  In times like these, those jobs take on a new level of heroism – as they come at a much greater personal risk to the person and their family.  But they show up anyway.  We are extraordinarily grateful for all of those who serve – we couldn’t do it without them.

My hope is that one of the positive things that results from all of this crisis is that we collectively recognize and reward the often unglamorous, critical, essential work that those who serve others provide.  They have long been undervalued and we owe it to them to make sure that this is changed going forward.

Throughout our 150 years of providing services to the community, we have witnessed extraordinary triumphs in the face of challenge. Whether it is a teen mom achieving a better life for herself and child, an individual breaking through the struggle of mental illness or a refugee who eagerly became a member of a new community – we see hope in all directions.  I have no doubt that we will weather this storm together and come out stronger for it.
Stay well,

Angela Bovill
President and CEO
Ascentria Care Alliance

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