Second Acts for Strong Communities

Second Acts for Strong Communities
An Intergenerational Workforce

In America, 11,000 individuals turn 65 every day. Through an intergenerational initiative known as “Second Acts for Strong Communities,” Ascentria Care Alliance seeks to leverage the wisdom and experience of adults age 50+ and welcome you into our paid and volunteer workforce. We believe that by bringing generations together in the workplace and in community-based programs we will inspire new solutions, improve outcomes for children and families, and fuel innovation in promoting social change. 

You are entering your “Second Act” if you are age 50+ and are:
  • Retired and want to volunteer
  • Retired but want to return to work
  • Work in the for-profit world and want to volunteer for a non-profit
  • Make a career move from for-profit to non-profit
As an experienced adult, we know you seek:
  • Challenge and personal growth
  • The opportunity to impact your community
  • The chance to use the skills you’ve honed over the years
  • Connection with others who are like-minded
Second Acts workers:
  • Believe in our mission, vision and values
  • Bring important personal networks of friends and other organizations
  • Possess unique skills, expertise and wisdom to assist children and their families
  • Are purpose driven
  • Understand collaboration
  • Have a track record of other volunteering experience or board service
  • Know how to work within constrained resources
  • Possess a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a passion for service logo


Second Acts for Strong Communities

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Leona Martin

"Why wouldn't I want to give back to young women with children? I can use the wisdom born of my own experience to support these women as they think about their future."
- Read Leona Martin's volunteer story

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