Home Study & Post-Placement

Ascentria's adoption staff provides comprehensive, compassionate case management that extends well beyond the time a child is placed in your arms. We believe in offering you choices and opportunities. 

In addition to pre-adoption counseling, home study, and post-placement support services that fulfill the requirements of adoption programs everywhere, we offer ongoing support in many areas.  These include parent preparation seminars, monthly pre-adoption support groups, and post-adoption services, such as adult discussion groups, seminars, activities for children and teens, and family social events. 

All adoptions require that direct services, such as training, home study and post-placement services, be completed by a local state-licensed agency. Ascentria Care Alliance is licensed for the placement of children in Massachusetts. Massachusetts residents may choose Ascentria home study and post-placement services with Ascentria domestic adoption programs or those of any qualified out-of-state agency. Our staff will collaborate with the child-placing agency of your choice to prepare your home study and provide post-placement reporting to comply with legal requirements.

Come in and talk with us to consider available adoption resources. We can help you devise the best adoption plan for your family. Whether Ascentria works with you from start to finish or serves you in cooperation with another agency, you have our commitment that we will do our best for you.

Home Study & Post-Placement

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