Intensive Foster Care FAQs

General IFC Questions

How can I foster youth in DCF care?
Can I have biological children living in the home?
Are kids in care for short-term or long-term?
How will this impact my daily life?
What kind of support do children and families receive?
What behaviors or struggles do IFC youth have?

Intensive Foster Care FAQs

Intensive Foster Care

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Eligibility Questions

What are the requirements to be a foster parent?
I am single, can I be a foster parent?
I'm a member of the LGBTQ+ community, can I be a foster parent?
Can I work full time?
Do I need to own my own home?
Does the child need their own room?
May I choose the gender, race and age of the child I would like to foster?
May I foster more than one child?
Who pays for the medical/dental/vision/hearing, prescriptions and mental health services for these youth?
How long does it take to become a foster parent and what is required?
Can I adopt my foster child?

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