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New Hampshire foster parents can support a child for only a few days or for much longer. Some foster placements end in adoption and become “forever families,” while others end in reunification with the biological family. 

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More than 900 children in New Hampshire need foster families. While every foster child is unique, they all share a common experience -- they were removed from their homes because their families were unable to care for them adequately. They all need positive parental figures who will provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.

There are many benefits to fostering a child:

  • helping a foster child feel wanted and secure
  • assisting the child(ren) placed in your home reach their potential
  • restoring their trust in other people and encouraging them to build lasting relationships
Ascentria offers an individualized service option [ISO] foster care program to serve children in need of intensive support. This level of foster care has an individualized approach to provide assistance to children who exhibit chronic mental, emotional, physical, and/or behavior problems that require a high level of supervision and consistent structure. The children typically range in age from 3 to 21. 
As the foster parent, you determine what a match for your home should be. Age, gender, number of children, behaviors…are up to you and what works for your family.

Support Services Include:
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • a generous stipend
  • 14 respite days each year
  • clinical and case management services
  • training opportunities
  • a supportive Ascentria team whose goal is to help you and your children succeed
Ascentria is committed to being a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ children, youth, parents and families.
We are proud to announce that we were recognized in the 2022 Cycle of the Human Right's Campaigns All Children - All Families (ACAF) initiative. With the support of ACAF, Ascentria's Children and Family Services programs are taking active steps toward improving LGBTQ+ inclusivity, including policy changes, staff training, and external communications updates.

Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

Our licensed recruiters make it easy for you to start the process of opening your home to a child or teen in need of a safe, nurturing environment.

Inquire, Apply, and Background Check
Contact our foster parent recruitment specialists to start the process!

Training and Home Study
After your application has been approved, you will attend a state-mandated training followed by a series of home visits in order to get to know your family better.

You will be able to set the pace for how quickly to proceed through this important step.

Licensing and Matching
If the background check, training and home study are completed, and your family is a good fit for Therapeutic Family Connections, you will officially become a licensed foster parent! Your family resource coordinator will work with your team to match you with a youth in care.

Now the real journey begins! You will be closely supported by a team of professionals as you welcome a new family member. This partnership will continue as we collectively work to empower the youth toward reaching their full potential and the goal of living an independent and fulfilling life.

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