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If you're watching events unfold in Afghanistan and wondering how you could possibly make a difference, keep reading.

Ascentria Care Alliance is about to resettle Afghan families throughout Massachusetts, as well as the Concord, Manchester, and Nashua New Hampshire areas. Your help is needed to ensure that they have the resources they need to access legal aid, housing, and living essentials.

There has been a groundswell of community support throughout New England to resettle Afghan refugees, humanitarian parolees, and those individuals granted Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) protection following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. We are heartened by this support as we all see this tragedy playing out in real-time. 

We must take whatever action is needed to safely evacuate and resettle Afghans as quickly as possible. 

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with WelcomeNST, formerly WelcomeMA, who will be working with you to provide information about resettlement and to help you consider if you want to mobilize, support and train people in your community to become a NST.

For Afghans: Learn How Ascentria Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

Latest Updates:

Thank you for your patience as we formulate a plan to mobilize people and communities.

  • As of November 11th, we have welcomed 71 Afghan evacuees – 57 in Massachusetts and 14 in New Hampshire.
    • An additional 31 people are scheduled to travel to Massachusetts for resettlement within the next week.
  • Ascentria launched three Amazon wish lists filled with essential home goods. These items will help make Afghans' new houses, homes. Learn more here.
  • Your donations and grants have helped raise more than $867,173*! Thank you for your ongoing support.
    • A special thank you to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation's Amana Fund, Madison Fund, and Robert and Gena Cohen Moses Fund. 
    • *This includes received and pending funds
  • Our two new volunteer coordinators are quickly getting up to speed as they hold orientations, determine where and how volunteers can help and then connecting volunteers with assignments.
  • Advocacy Update: We ask that you help us tell Congress to immediately pass legislation that would allow Afghans who are being evacuated from Afghanistan and arriving with humanitarian parole, a temporary status, to have an opportunity to apply to become lawful permanent residents – the same legal status they would have received had they been admitted as refugees. Doing so will provide a roadmap to permanent status for Afghans on humanitarian parole after one year.  This is also critical because Afghans were advised to destroy documents associating them to the U.S. mission and other information that would otherwise be used to pursue an asylum claim.
    • Please click here to access an online tool from our national partner, Church World Services, to send a pre-populated message to your Senators and Representatives. It will take less than one minute and make a real difference!

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How You Can Help:


Afghan families and individuals being resettled in Massachusetts and New Hampshire need financial assistance to cover living essentials, legal aid, and help pay for long-term housing.

A major challenge for resettled Afghan entrants, regardless of immigration status at entry, is accessing affordable legal services. The cost of legal services is a burden recent arrivals typically must bear on their own.

Please consider donating to help them access vital resources.

Donate Today

In addition to financial contributions, we are in need of household essentials. Please use our Amazon Wishlists (linked below) to donate items such as bedding, plates, glassware, and more that will help Afghan families and individuals get settled in their new homes!

Help Set Up Homes in Worcester>
Help Set Up Homes in West Springfield>
Help Set Up Homes in New Hampshire>

Join or Create a Neighborhood Support Team

Ascentria Care Alliance is partnering with community groups and organizations across Massachusetts and New Hampshire to build a support network to welcome the Afghan arrivals. Called Neighborhood Support Teams, these groups operate on a volunteer basis to provide support services like transportation, housing assistance, cultural orientation, and more, while giving Afghan families and individuals the time and space they need to heal.

Neighborhood Support Teams will be a crucial part of the support systems in place for Afghan arrivals in your community. Will you join in this effort?

Learn More

Download and Share Posts from our Social Media Toolkit


Please copy and paste the following posts to social media to help share resources for Afghans, generate support for resettlement, and raise money!

Access the Toolkit

Offer Housing

We're looking for short and long-term housing in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This could include available, affordable apartments, secondary or vacation homes, accessory dwelling units, and more. We are open to creative housing solutions.

Safe housing is a big barrier for Afghans being resettled. Please share this call for help to anyone you may know who could be of assistance.

Please click the link below to contact us about available housing.

Offer Housing

Offer Employment Opportunities

We are looking for employment opportunities for Afghans in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If you are interested in providing employment opportunities, please fill out our form by clicking the link below. Please share this call for employment with your community.

Offer Employment


We are in the process of compiling a list of people who would like to donate their time to help us on the ground as we welcome and resettle these families. If you are interested in doing so, please fill out our volunteer form. Please share this call for volunteers with your community.



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