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The Process

From the date you send in your initial application, the entire licensing process should be completed in two to three months (depending on how quickly you complete and return the forms and your availability to meet and attend trainings). Once you are licensed as a foster parent a refugee youth can come live with you. Click here for a step-by-step timeline of the process.

Initial Contact

Email our Family Resource Coordinator or call us at 774.243.3062. We will answer your questions about foster care and complete a basic interest form with you.

Home Study

  • Completion of initial application
  • A background check of law enforcement records will be made for you and your family members living in your home
  • Fingerprinting of you and your family members living in your home
  • Two personal references, of your choice, will be collected from friends, relatives or clergy to give character references
  • One school reference for each child presently living in the home
  • Employer reference for each parent working outside of the home
  • Medical clearances from your Primary Care Provider showing that you are in adequate health to care for a youth
  • Financial statement demonstrating financial stability
  • A family resource worker will meet with you and your family to explore refugee foster care and conduct individual interviews
  • A safety check of your home will be completed


  • Necessary attendance at Massachusetts Approach to Partnership and Parenting (MAPP) training.
  • Attendance at ongoing trainings as available and applicable; a minimum of 20 hours per year

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I'm ready. Now what?

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