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Interested in Helping Refugee and Asylee Arrivals in Your Community?

Join a Neighborhood Support Team

Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs) work alongside Ascentria resettlement staff to help refugee families and individuals access resources, recover and heal, and build self-sufficient lives here in the U.S. NSTs are formed when a community decides that they want to make the commitment to sponsor an individual or family by providing supports for up to one year.

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Services for New Americans helps new neighbors from around the world to resettle and transition to new lives.

At Ascentria Care Alliance, we believe welcoming new neigbors from other parts of the world reaffirms our American values. Welcoming, inclusive communities foster prosperity for all. Long-time residents are encouraged to share their knowledge with newcomers, and refugees and immigrants share new ideas, perspectives and skills, as well. Refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants follow different paths to the U.S., but once here, they help enrich local communities.

Ascentria Care Alliance is resettling families and individuals throughout Western and Central Massachusetts, as well as the Southern New Hampshire area. Your help is needed to ensure that they have the resources they need to access legal aid, housing, and living essentials.
Ascentria Care Alliance is committed to:
  • Providing the highest quality services throughout resettlement;
  • Fostering self-sufficiency of refugee and immigrant families;
  • Educating the community about the refugee and immigrant experience;
  • Partnering with volunteers and the community to support new neighbors;
  • Advocating for the rights, health and well-being of our new neighbors; and,
  • Collaborating with businesses to support local economic development.


In central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, SNA offers comprehensive support services to help refugees successfully transition to their new communities. These services include housing support; cultural and community orientation; employment and transportation assistance; healthcare and school enrollment; and education services.


Education Services

Whether adult or school-aged, refugees and immigrants are eager to learn new things including the English language and how to navigate new systems. SNA provides educational services for adults and youth. Our English classes use a competency-based model; helping students achieve early self-sufficiency through community and societal orientation with an emphasis on job-related English instruction. Classes also help students learn cross-cultural perspectives in parenting and family life.
Adult Education
Child Education

Workforce Development

According to the Welcoming Economies Global Network, many local economies have long been shaped by people from across the globe. Refugees and immigrants are a vital economic force; contributing new ideas, talents, and diverse perspectives. From opening new businesses to fostering cultural vitality, refugees and immigrants help make communities more attractive and prosperous.
  • Pre-screening and assessment;
  • College and career goal-setting and counseling
  • Job readiness training
  • Employment placement services (resumes, interviews)
  • Post-placement services (onboarding, retention support)
  • Job development (liaise with employers, serve as a resource)
  • Vocational training

Immigration Legal Assistance

The Ascentria Immigration Legal Assistance Program provides free and low-cost legal services to immigrants in New England. Our team of lawyers and legal professionals covers the spectrum of immigration legal assistance needs.

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Ways to Help

We are so grateful for your interest in supporting Ascentria’s Services for New Americans program and those we serve. To make a difference for refugees in New England, please make a donation today to our refugee program, or do any of the following: 

Offer Housing

We're looking for short and long-term housing in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

Offer Employment Opportunities

We are looking for employment opportunities for refugees in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Join Our Team

When you join the Ascentria team, your day-to-day work would be spent truly making a difference as we work to help resettle refugees and asylees.

Refugee Resettlement FAQs

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Is Ascentria resettling Afghans?
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How can I help?
What is a Neighborhood Support Team?
What items can I donate?

How Ascentria Can Help:

Immigration Legal Assistance

ILAP can provide immigration legal assistance once Afghan evacuees have arrived in the U.S. to obtain permanent immigration status. Additionally, If you have family or friends in Afghanistan, or who have fled Afghanistan to another country, and need assistance with contacting Congressional offices or applications with humanitarian parole please contact the Immigration Legal Assistance Program at 774.243.3045 or contact us using this form.

Assistance with Resettlement and Accessing Resources

If you are an Afghan, Ukrainian, or other national and require assistance with resettlement in the New England area, or if you have questions related to resettlement, please contact us here.

Interpretation Services


Ascentria can provide interpretation and translation services in a variety of languages, including Pashto and Dari, through our Language Bank program.

Visit the Language Bank's website to schedule services.

Looking to Refer to Us for Services?

Complete the form linked below and a member of our team will be in touch with assistance.

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Join Us to Rise Together to Rebuild Lives

Your gift will empower neighbors like Afghan arrivals and others to build healthy, independent, and sustainable lives.

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Ascentria Services for New Americans is affiliated with:
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