Services for New Americans

Services for New Americans helps new neighbors from around the world to resettle and transition to new lives.

At Ascentria Care Alliance, we believe welcoming refugees and immigrants reaffirms our American values. To learn more about our services or get involved, contact: MA: 774.243.3100 (Worcester), 413.562.6015 (West Springfield), and NH: 603.224.8111 (Concord).

Ascentria Care Alliance is resettling refugee families throughout Western and Central Massachusetts, as well as the Concord, New Hampshire area. Your help is needed to ensure that they have the resources they need to access legal aid, housing, and living essentials.

Ascentria Care Alliance is committed to:
  • providing the highest quality services throughout resettlement;
  • fostering self-sufficiency of refugee and immigrant families;
  • educating the community about the refugee and immigrant experience;
  • partnering with volunteers and the community to support new neighbors;
  • advocating for the rights, health and well-being of our new neighbors; and,
  • collaborating with businesses to support local economic development.
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Services for New Americans

SNA in Massachusetts

SNA in New Hampshire

ILAP* Brochure
*ILAP: Immigration Legal Assisstance progam

Contact Us

11 Shattuck Street,
Worcester, MA 01605 

425 Union Street,
West Springfield, MA 01809

New Hampshire
261 Sheep Davis Road, A-1
Concord, NH 03301