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The U.S. Housing Crisis is a Women’s Issue

As we navigate through the complexities of the U.S. housing crisis, it becomes evident that this issue is deeply interwoven with the fabric of gender and racial inequality. The stark realities faced by women, particularly those from marginalized communities, underline the urgent need for comprehensive reform and targeted support.

OPPOSE H.B. 1118

NH H.B. 1118, which seeks to restrict driving rights for families already granted legal refugee and asylum status, is currently before the New Hampshire Senate for consideration.

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Transportation and Poverty

Access to reliable transportation has a direct impact on a person's upward mobility and economic progress. Transportation equity is critical! Learn more about how access to reliable, affordable transportation affects people in your state by clicking the link below.

The State of Foster Care

There is an urgent need for more foster parents across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We are urgently working to recruit, train and license at least 6 new foster parents per year.

Press Releases and News

Ascentria’s advocacy team is working constantly to fight for, or against policies that directly impact our communities. Learn more about our ongoing work and the issues our communities face by reading the articles below.

The Foster Care Placement Crisis

We are sounding the alarm bell! The need for more foster homes has never been more crucial than at this present time for the children and teens involved in the state of Massachusetts’ child welfare. As of 2021, there are between 9,000 and 10,000 children and young adults in foster care in Massachusetts. Many of these children have nowhere to go as a result of the current deficit of foster homes and new foster parents.

Choices for Independence Receives Additional Funding

Two agencies that keep 600 people out of nursing homes by providing in-home care have learned the state will give them a direly needed 42 percent Medicaid rate increase — more than they had asked for. Waypoint and Ascentria Care Alliance warned the state this year that without significantly higher Medicaid payments, they’d have to end the care that allows people to manage their health needs in their homes.

Interpreters are Necessary for Health Equity

Language access is a human right that is easy to violate without consequence because mandating interpreter services without funding them is an empty promise. All states have passed laws addressing language access, but only six states have passed or attempted to pass comprehensive legislation and designated funding for language access.

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