Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ED)

Encouraging Healthy Living

The SNAP-Ed program provides nutrition and obesity prevention education and other valuable resources to youth and adults in Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester Counties who receive or are eligible for SNAP benefits. SNAP-Ed’s goal is to help SNAP eligible individuals make nutritious food choices on a limited budget and choose a physically active lifestyle.

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Programs and activities currently provided by SNAP-Ed include nutrition and obesity prevention education single classes, series of classes, workshops, food demonstrations, cooking classes, tabling events and tastings, hands on educational activities and games, and grocery store tours.

You can find our team educating individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life from preschoolers to seniors in settings such as schools, senior centers, health fairs, after school programs, farmers markets, food pantries, school and community gardens, town/city and private organization spaces.
Classes and programs are funded and supported by the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA).

In December 2022, MA-DTA designed an entirely new SNAP-Ed website with great resources.

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Additional Resources:
Massachusetts Farm to School
Whole Kids Foundation

School Garden Program and USDA Farm-to-School Grant

SNAP-Ed also provides hands on, enriching school and community garden programing. Through funding by the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) and the USDA Farm to School Grant SNAP-Ed is able to provide garden beds, builds, soil, seeds, seedlings and other supplies and structures needed to build and maintain beautiful gardens and provide garden education at schools and community sites in Hampden and Hampshire Counties. This programs allows SNAP eligible individuals the opportunity to learn not only where their food comes from but how to grow their own in an engaged and hands on approach.

Programs and activities currently provided through the garden program include garden design and builds, planting events, harvest events, tasting events, garden education single classes, series of classes, tabling events, seed giveaways, seedling giveaways and Harvest of the Month tasting events.

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Our team of SNAP-Ed professionals is here to help you build a program that works for you and the people you assist. Contact us using the form below to discuss how we can collaborate!


Meghann Jurkowski

Nutrition Program Manager


Katie Langloise

SNAP-Ed Coordinator, West Springfield, MA

Litani Bassett

SNAP-Ed Coordinator, Worcester, MA

Katie Metzger

School Garden Coordinator

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