Ascentria’s 2020 Annual Report

April 21, 2021

Ascentria’s 2020 Annual Report: Overcoming Challenges Together.

April 21, 2021 Ascentria Care Alliance

As we reflect back on this past year, it cannot be denied that it was extremely emotional in so many ways. We were, and still are, a nation coping with a pandemic, struggling with racial inequity, and dealing with political divisiveness. 

We’ve felt fear, despair, and uncertainty. But we are also starting to see new possibilities. Possibilities in new conversations, new commitment to change, and not just “returning to normal” but building a new, more equitable, more compassionate, more sustainable future. 

These challenges have also shed light on our resiliency. Front-line workers bravely continue to provide vital services; a world-wide effort of innovation resulted in vaccines; a dialogue about how to address systemic racism is bringing about real change and we see acts of human kindness and support all around us.

Join us in reflecting on the past year and celebrating individual and program achievements.

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