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OPPOSE H.B. 1118

May 1, 2024

Support New Hampshire’s Refugee and Asylee Families

This legislation, NH H.B. 1118, which seeks to restrict driving rights for families already granted legal refugee and asylum status, is currently before the New Hampshire Senate for consideration. It would cause significant harm to new neighbors by restricting their transportation access; imagine your life if you did not have access to reliable transportation. Please join us in calling on our legislators to oppose this bill!

This bill would do the following:

  • Impact Essential Mobility: In New Hampshire, where public transportation is sparse, driving is not a luxury but a necessity for accessing work, education, healthcare, and groceries. For many, especially new arrivals, who are eager to work, driving represents a lifeline to employment, self-sufficiency, and integration.
  • Hinder Economic Growth: Refugees and asylees, who are here legally, play a vital role in our economy. By limiting their access to driver’s licenses, we not only undermine economic growth but also risk pushing individuals toward public assistance at a time when our economy faces labor shortages.
  • Ignore Existing Security and Compliance: Refugees and asylees granted legal status undergo more stringent security screenings than any other immigrant group entering the United States. They are committed to following our laws and contributing positively to society.
  • Restrict Integration and Contribution: The journey to obtain a green card is lengthy. Restricting driving privileges for this duration severely limits refugees’ and asylees’ ability to integrate and contribute to our economy and communities.
  • Other Unintended Consequences: H.B. 1118 risks increasing the number of uninsured and unlicensed drivers, leading to higher insurance premiums and more hit-and-run incidents—a burden that would fall on all residents. This bill also adds immigration status to a driver’s license, which will subject refugees and asylees to discrimination and harassment. 

Register your opposition to this bill by following the instructions below!

  1. Go to the Senate Remote Sign-In Sheet on the GenCourt website. 
  2. Select the date: May 7
  3. Select the committee: Senate Judiciary 
  4. Choose the bill number: HB 1118
  5. Select “I am: a member of the public” unless one of the other labels is appropriate to you. 
  6. Fill in “I’m Representing: Myself” unless you are approved to represent another entity (i.e. your workplace or an organization).
  7. Select “I OPPOSE this bill.” 
  8. Click “Continue” to fill in your personal information, then click continue again.

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