Top 100 Women-Led Business

November 6, 2020

Angela Bovill

The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

November 6, 2020 The Boston Globe

Meet the female power players of the Bay State. The 2020 installment of this list, a joint project of The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine, includes leaders of health care companies, retail giants, construction heavyweights, financial institutions, nonprofits, and many more. All told, the women featured here­ — ­responsible for thousands of employees and billions in revenue­ — ­drive the Massachusetts economy.

How the list was created: For each organization, The Commonwealth Institute, a nonprofit that supports female business leaders, examined revenue or operating budget as well as other variables, including number of full-time employees in the state, workplace and management diversity, and innovative projects. TCI then ranked organizations according to its own formula. This is the 20th year that TCI has created the list and the eighth year that the Globe Magazine has partnered with the group.

Taken together, the 100 companies on the list represent a total revenue and operating budget of $71.1 billion. (To be precise, $71,087,252,954.)

In addition to the list, read about the business lessons 2020 has instilled in some of the Top 100 leaders. Plus, discover the power of pivoting, especially this year; learn five ways the pandemic can reshape (and improve) the workplace; and learn about a Babson program that helps young women develop leadership skills.

Ascentria is proud to announce that Angela Bovill, our President and CEO, was chosen to be number 40 on the list!

View the full list here.

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