ILAP Legal Clinic

January 4, 2024

This fall, Ascentria participated in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic hosted at African Community Education in Worcester. This was a shining example of the power of community with over 60 volunteers from various organizations onsite serving over 325 migrants, primarily from Haiti, with legal, medical and social supports.

Here are some examples of how this effort made significant impacts for these families:

All 325+ constituents attending were screened for benefits

90 work authorization applications with fee waivers were completed and filed with each applicant having 1-to-1 review with an immigration attorney

45 people received a presentation on the asylum and immigration court process

35 people received health passports with verified insurance information to more easily communicate with health facilities and community organizations

15 people triaged for health concerns

Thank you to all who volunteered their time to show support for our new neighbors. We look forward to participating in upcoming efforts in the near future to support the migrant population in shelter.

” Each application processed by our team of lawyers, social workers, and community volunteers brings individuals closer to creating an independent life where they can legally work in the United States and provide for their families. In doing this, we are able to rise as a community and say that though these global forces are strong, we are stronger. “

– Jessica Pelletier, Director of the Immigration Legal Aid Program at Ascentria

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