Ascentria Announces the Launch of PeopleFirst Pathways

March 19, 2024

PeopleFirst Pathways is a Pioneering Program to Address Today’s Labor Market Challenges

Ascentria Care Alliance is proud to announce the establishment of PeopleFirst Pathways, a key component of its Center for Workforce Excellence. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to set the standard for developing and sustaining a workforce capable of meeting the complex challenges prevalent in today’s labor market.

Ascentria launched PeopleFirst Pathways within our organization, with an initial focus on our Worcester, MA locations where there is the largest concentration of employees. Leveraging a human development lens, Ascentria is working to understand the challenges individuals face (e.g. childcare, transportation, education and language access) and create a set of wraparound services to mitigate those challenges.

The removal of these stress-inducing obstacles will enable individuals to get to work and bring their best to work, while also having a positive impact on their health and overall well-being. The service will be provided through individualized, 1:1 sessions with a Pathfinder, who will provide coaching, counsel and support, while leveraging a range of internal and external resources. Ascentria aims to create sustainable pathways to professional and personal success for our employees.

The internal launch is informing the program’s availability to a segment of Ascentria’s clients – refugees, migrants and others new to America. This initiative comes at a critical juncture as the Commonwealth is confronted with a severe labor shortage and there is an increasing influx of migrants, refugees, and other individuals seeking employment. These circumstances present a unique opportunity for PeopleFirst Pathways to create a sustainable pipeline of talent that will address the growing workforce crisis and serve as an important linchpin, particularly to healthcare and human services employers who are struggling to recruit and retain workers.

“Our country, and particularly New England, is at a tipping point with the workforce crisis that continues to deepen,” Angela Bovill, Ascentria President and CEO shared. “The make-up and needs of the workforce continues to shift. This intersection provides a compelling opportunity for a trailblazing solution. We are committed to meeting our employees and those we serve ‘upstream’, demonstrating the positive impacts these resources can have and ultimately serve as a game-changing solution benefiting individuals, organizations and the community.”

“PeopleFirst Pathways is a program that aspires to enable individuals, whether they are newcomers to our country or existing members of our workforce, to navigate their way to meaningful employment and personal fulfillment,” said Gary O’Neil, senior vice president of human development at Ascentria.

“We are uniquely positioned to deliver this service, combining our expertise in workforce development with a deep commitment to human development. Our goal is not only to fill employment gaps but also to ensure that individuals have the tools and support they need to thrive professionally and personally. This initiative marks a significant step towards creating a workforce that is not only skilled and diverse but also resilient and adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of the modern labor market.”

To learn more about PeopleFirst Pathways click here.

This initiative would not be possible without the pioneering support of Garth Greimann, a longtime supporter and friend of Ascentria.

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